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Scaeva Technologies Powers Paradigm-Shifting Pro Audio Tool

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PRESS RELEASE PR Newswire Dec. 10, 2020, 02:34 PM

GILROY, Calif., Dec. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — This holiday season Scaeva Technologies Inc., inventor of a ground-breaking new approach to spatial audio rendering, celebrated its first public product launch by selling headphones faster than they can make them. “We knew we had a winning product on our hands, but the demand far outstripped our wildest expectations,” said Steve Curd, Scaeva’s President, CEO, and co-founder.

The real-time spatial emulation & 3D audio allows content creators to listen, mix, and master on an array of $50,000 control room studio monitors, and then with a click of a button verify their mixes inside of a car, through a boombox, in a popular nightclub, or on popular consumer headphones, without ever having to leave their computer.

Back in 2019, the Silicon Valley-based tech company teamed up with pro audio veteran Steven Slate to conceive of the Scaeva-Powered, Steven Slate Audio VSX™ headphone – a powerful new tool to bring professional mixing and mastering home. By virtually unlocking iconic studios and other essential spaces, content creators can confidently test their mixes with brutally honest feedback.

The Scaeva-Powered Steven Slate Audio VSX launched in early October 2020 on the Steven Slate Audio website, Guitar Center, and Sweetwater e-commerce, as well as several international online retail sites. They sold out completely in just a few weeks, and the reviews have been stunning.

“To hear a studio I’ve worked in for 20 years, and then to hear it someplace else, I was shocked! I can start a mix in the VSX headphones, and then finish it in the studio, and it translates SPOT ON!” – NRG Studio Owner, Jay Baumgardner

Krish Sharma, CEO of BYG Music, and Grammy-winning recording engineer for The Rolling Stones said, “I’ve been recording, mixing, and mastering for some of the biggest names in music, in some of the most iconic studios on the planet my entire career. I would never have guessed that I could achieve the same acoustic quality through a virtual headphone and plug-in that I get in a perfectly treated studio room, until now. This is simply the only product out there that brings iconic studio sound quality to my ears.”

“We couldn’t be more excited to get this powerful tool into the hands of creators,” said Steve Curd, “We have been working with Steven and his team to perfect every aspect of the VSX platform; no detail was too small.”

For Scaeva, VSX is just the beginning. “We’re thrilled to show the world what we’ve been able to accomplish this far, but this is only the start. We can’t wait to show the world what’s behind the curtain.” added Curd.

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About Scaeva Technologies

Scaeva Technologies is a Silicon Valley-based audio & music technology company that delivers 3-dimensional audio and real-time spatial emulations allowing content creators to create from iconic studios virtually. Through innovative research and engineering, Scaeva has created breakthrough audio technology for music and entertainment creators on the go, in their home, or anywhere their creativity takes them.

What is the Scaeva-powered VSX Headphone Platform?

Imagine a way to mix and master from iconic recording studios from around the globe allowing you the capability to select control rooms and studio monitors from your computer, from any location. Imagine now, being able to test your mixes on a car stereo, a boombox, or popular consumer headphones with just a click of a button. This is the freedom that the Scaeva Powered VSX platform allows musicians and creators to experience. This powerful platform delivers tools that would be unreachable to 99% of creators. Scaeva Technologies delivers the power, precision, and freedom to unleash every detail and emotion as the artist or creator intended.

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