By Pat Bumpus | March 27, 2023 | Corporate Co-Investment

Impact Venture Capital Portfolio Company, Healium, Closes a $3.6M Seed Round; Enters into Know-How License with Mayo Clinic

Concept image of a relaxed person using immersive meditation technology

Novel Technology Transforms Bio-Data from any Fitness Tracker into Immersive, Reactive Media

MENLO PARK, Calif., March 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/Healium, a virtual and augmented reality biofeedback company, announced today it’s entered into a know-how agreement with Mayo Clinic. Healium’s products and patented technologies bring biometric data from fitness trackers to life inside virtual, augmented, or mixed reality stories so the user can see and interact with their own EEG brain patterns, heart rate, skin conductance, blood pressure or other biomarkers. Healium’s immersive products including Sleepium are used worldwide in schools, with frontline healthcare workers, elite athletes, and the US military to self-manage anxiety, burnout, and downshift the nervous system before sleep or stressful events. In 7 peer-reviewed journals, Healium has been shown to have clinical benefit in as little as 4 minutes.

Through this know-how agreement, Mayo Clinic will provide subject matter experts to assist in the development of immersive mental health and fitness capabilities utilizing virtual and augmented reality.

“By collaborating with Mayo Clinic, we’ve built an important bridge between biometric data, generative AI, and XR content,” said Sarah Hill, Healium’s CEO who developed the technology with Dr. Jeff Tarrant in 2016 to counteract the traumatic media images she encountered as a former TV broadcaster.

“We are thrilled with Healium’s continuing progress with strategic partners and revenue growth,” said Jack Crawford, Impact Venture Capital Founding General Partner. “Given the growing awareness regarding the importance of mental health, wellness, and meditation as part of our everyday lives, we think Healium’s cutting edge tech and unique approach positions it to be a market leader.”

Healium works by spatializing biodata from consumer wearables you may already have in your home into a 3D solar system, butterflies, or even a Jaguar that will stop pacing if you quiet your mind. VR goggles are optional. Healium also has a mobile augmented reality version that works just with a phone or tablet.

Healium recently completed a successful seed raise totaling more than $3.6 M in oversubscribed rounds. Participating funds include Impact Venture Capital, Ambition Fund II, Captain Partners & Astronaut Holdings, Citrine Angels, Coact Capital, Gaingels, KCRise Fund, Mayo Clinic, Missouri Technology Corporation, QRM Capital, Stadia Ventures, Tidewater Capital, and Underdog Ventures.

Mayo Clinic has a financial interest in the technology referenced in this press release. Mayo Clinic will use any revenue it receives to support its not-for-profit mission in patient care, education, and research.

Healium’s IOS and Android mobile apps are currently compatible with Apple Watch (iphone) and consumer grade EEG headbands with more fitness trackers coming soon. You can get a free two-week trial by downloading the Healium app on the Apple, Google Play, or virtual reality app stores by searching HEALium.

About Healium: Healium is a patented technology that connects bio-data from hardware-agnostic consumer wearables to modify and recommend 3D objects in the metaverse. Its products including Sleepium allow users to learn to self-regulate their anxiety by giving them the ability to see their EEG brain patterns or heart rate personified in real-time. In seven peer-reviewed journals, Healium has been shown to significantly reduce anxiety or improve mood in as little as four minutes. Healium has been featured by Apple, Google, Forbes, Today, Discovery, Wallstreet Journal, and Venture Beat, to name a few. It won the 2022 NFL Players Association pitch challenge, the Procter & Gamble Ventures Innovation Prize, 2022 CES Innovation Award, a Headstream powered by Second Muse Innovation award, and SBIRs with the US Air Force. Learn more.

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