By Pat Bumpus | December 13, 2022 | Perspectives

Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) Quantum Secure Privacy-Preserving Computing

Image of a hacker wearing a hoodie committing cybercrime.

Cybercrime Attacks

  • Beyond zero trust computing
  • Even with system intrusion attacks hackers are unable to access the confidential data
  • Quantum secure

Fully Homomorphic Encryption

Data remains encrypted during storage, transit and processing

Perform arbitrary calculations including AL/ML models without disclosing the underlying confidential plaintext data

Third-Party – Business Enhancement

  • What if you could share your data without disclosing it?
  • Share and monetize data without disclosing the confidential plaintext data
  • Data as a valuable asset for business efficiency

Compute Intensive

1 million X performance acceleration required for real-time FHE

Cornami uniquely scales to achieve real-time FHE meeting market performance, power and cost requirements for commercial adoption

Reduce Business Risk

  • Privacy compliance
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Reputation and lawsuits
  • Operational risk – internal

Fully Homomorphic Encryption – The Holy Grail of Data Security

Delivers quantum-proof data privacy while enabling market Intelligence for our data-driven economy

Beyond Zero Trust Computing

Today’s, perimeter-based, security techniques are built with thousands of integrated hardware and software components that are constantly changing with bug fixes, feature updates, and module replacements. This reality statistically guarantees that, regardless of effort, computing infrastructure attack points always exist with the only issue being whether they have already been identified and exploited or you just don’t know about it yet.

It is Impossible to Guarantee:

  • Hack proof firewalls
  • Secure operating systems
  • Computer chips without embedded trojans
  • Exposure risk from employees/contractors

Assume the computing environment is compromised

The US government among others take the stance of Zero Trust that you need to assume the computing environment is not secure and at risk for breach.

Protect the Data

FHE provides quantum-secure, privacy-preserving computing on encrypted data sets, guaranteeing that data and its derivative computational results remain secure from modification and/or breach despite compromised computing infrastructure.

The Problem

To date, although highly desirable, FHE is too computationally intensive to be commercially viable with current technologies.

Cornami Delivers Real-Time FHE

Cornami’s unique Post-von-Neumann TruStream® scalable architecture achieves 1 million x acceleration for real-time FHE

TruStream® Reconfigurable Compute Fabric

Scales linearly with number of cores all transparent to the software to hit performance requirements.

A graph showing fully homomorphic encryption benchmark results

Real-time FHE is a game-changer for data security
  • Secures data from breach / modification throughout its lifecycle
  • Application services that maintain data confidentiality
  • Analysis of confidential data aggregated from multiple parties
  • Support PPML (Privacy Preserving Machine Learning) models without ever decrypting the data
  • Private Set Intersection (PSI): secure and confidential data intersection check within a larger database
  • Guaranteed data security and integrity across sensor – controller – actuator real-time control chain
  • Application confidentiality executing on untrusted platforms
  • Monetization and sharing of confidential data for business enhancement and market intelligence

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