By Pat Bumpus | December 13, 2022 | spotlight

Advanced Farm Technology is Creating a Platform for 21st-century Ag Equipment

Image of Advanced Farm strawberry Harvester

Hybrid-Electric Drive System

A lightweight chassis and electric drive system glide precisely and efficiently on top of the soil – rain or shine.

Autonomous Navigation

Our tractors drive autonomously while working, allowing growers to scale operations with minimal human intervention.

Robotic Arm

With a long reach and a gentle touch, our rugged and reliable robotic arms have been designed for hard work on the ranch.

Soft, Food-Safe Gripper

Food-safe grippers gently (and quickly) pick fruit from plants.

Autonomous Fruit Tray Stacking

Our harvesters store hundreds of pounds of fresh fruit on board so you can save valuable time otherwise spent walking, loading and unloading.

Image of Advanced Farm autonomous fruit tray stacking technology in action in a strawberry field.

Rugged Stereo Camera

A custom, rugged stereo camera designed for the outdoors allows our robots to decide what is ripe and ready to pick – dozens of times per second.

CVML Stack

Every berry is different. So, we trained a machine learning model to tell us which berries to pick, and how best to pick them. The best part? We get better with every berry we see.

Image of Advanced Farm CVML Stack

Software Emulator

Part of being the world’s leading farm robotics company is building a best-in-class software stack. Our software emulator mirrors real-world field conditions in a virtual environment, making it easier to test new features that improve performance and reliability before upgrading our equipment in the field.

Image of Advanced Farm software emulator.

Product Reliability

Our machines are battle-tested in the field, with tens of thousands of runtime hours on strawberry farms. But, here’s a look at the rigorous testing we perform before we even leave the lab to make sure you can depend on us.

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