Impact Venture Capital helped CORNAMI, a high-performance computing company, close Series B financing in the amount of $3 million. Formerly known as SVIRAL, CORNAMI develops innovative technology for highly efficient and accelerated multi-core programming.

“CORNAMI has developed a disruptive technology for efficient multi-core processing that will change the way we build and utilize computers in data centers for big data,” said CORNAMI President Yatish Mishra.

CORNAMI’s proprietary technology enables highly efficient multi-core processing that dramatically changes the output-to-power performance at the petabyte data-set scale. This will create a significant performance increase, with lower latency and power, to run high-value Big Data applications, which is a huge win in today’s market. There is built-in demand for real-time analytics for applications in financial, machine learning and artificial Intelligence (AI) markets. This technology will greatly reduce the footprint and costs of hardware, energy, and labor for data centers, with the result of greater efficiencies translating into higher profits.

“CORNAMI meets our criteria for a high-impact business that is poised to solve global challenges,” said Impact Venture Capital General Partner Jack Crawford. “Their patented multi-core processing technology will indeed be a game-changer for data centers as it offers the combination of extreme performance at a lower cost, while reducing their global carbon footprint on a massive scale.”