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Fast time to information is one facet of investment success.

Fast access to the right information is the other. 

280First delivers both. 

The 280first platform dramatically improves the productivity of highly compensated investment professionals, enabling them to spot opportunities and avoid downside significantly faster than is possible through current practices. In addition, the 280first platform enables investment professionals to competently cover a broader portfolio of companies – increasing the value of their services. 

FirstAlert dynamically sources and analyzes unstructured data (text) in companies’ 10Q and 10K filings, extracting and revealing key information buried in mountains of text. Automated alerts deliver timely notice of such information and material changes from previous filings. 

Highlighted information ranges from alerts requiring immediate action to insights into long term trends in the industry, to subtle changes in language that signal intention or internal projects that are significant to investors. The information revealed is often otherwise unknown to the marketplace and provides early indications of management intentions or projects that precede company announcements. FirstAlert reports are delivered by email or SMS. 

• Fast alerts of material changes 
• Near real-time analysis of buried text 
• Actionable insights 
• Broader manageable coverage 
• Significant time saver, productivity booster

For investors seeking broader detail with the same near real-time notice, FirstAlert also offers comparison reports. These reports highlight key differences (additions and deletions) each time a filing from a company within the investor’s specified universe has been detected. Investors can quickly view these company reports as well as the 280first generated critical or actionable insights to scan for wording changes with potential significance.