Chris Hendricks


Christian (Chris) Hendricks has been President of the Local Media Consortium since
January 2018. He has also been Managing Partner for Extol Digital since December
Hendricks retired from McClatchy (NYSE:MNI) in November 2017 after a 25-year
career during which he served in a number of operational and strategic roles
primarily focused on leading the company’s digital efforts and transformation.
He joined McClatchy in 1992 as Advertising Manager, Marketing for The Fresno Bee,
and the following year became its Marketing Director. In 1994 he was named
Manager of Technology for McClatchy and held this position until 1996 when he
was promoted to President and Publisher of Nando Media (renamed McClatchy
Interactive), McClatchy’s digital publishing hub based in Raleigh, N.C. In 1999, he
became a corporate officer of the company when he was named Vice President,
Interactive Media at McClatchy. He remained in that role until 2015 when he
assumed greater responsibilities and was named Vice President for Product,
Marketing and Innovation. Upon announcing his retirement in early 2017, he was
named the company’s Vice President for Strategic Initiatives.
Hendricks currently serves on the board of directors for Moonlighting and serves as
an advisor to a bevy of technology and publishing-related companies. Throughout
his career, he has served on a variety of company boards including,
CareerBuilder,, Engage3, HomeFinder, and the Local Media