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We work feverishly to identify, capitalize, and support the next generation of world-class IT startups.  Our founders are solving big problems, so we do all we can to accelerate their growth.  With corporate, research, and government partners on hand, we empower entrepreneurs to dream big.

We believe that talented human capital, mentored startups, and a strong ecosystem drive the innovation economy of Northern California. And this economy is ready to change the world in a way never seen before. The digital and mobile revolutions started here, have transformed the way we live, work, and play. But new technologies, like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and robotics, will have a bigger impact still.

Located in the heart of the global innovation economy, Impact will tap into the most exciting opportunities coming from the region’s top research labs or tiny garages. By investing with us, you too will help find the solutions for tomorrow.

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The Tech Triangle

The Tech Triangle region has a number of innate competitive advantages that will allow our entrepreneurs to compete with anyone in these “global challenges” industries.

University Talent

Relevant world-class research with focus on commercialization at leading campuses including Stanford, Berkeley and UC Davis.

California Capitol

Unique ability to influence policy in the highly regulated industries of the world’s 6th largest economy.